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Preventing winter slip accidents and injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Injuries

Winter in New Jersey is a good time to play in the snow but never on ice. In the snow or ice, it’s easy to slip and fall and cause a serious injury to any part of the body. There are certain winter slip injuries to look out for and prevent during the coldest months.

Slips and falls

First, avoid walking on icy sidewalks, driveways or roads as much as possible. Avoid these areas altogether until the ice clears. If you must walk on ice, wear slip-resistant shoes and find the shortest route to your destination.

Back, head and shoulder injuries along with ankle sprains result from slips on ice or snow. Pedestrians should be extra cautious of black ice that is invisible in the dark. Whether walking or driving, slow down in very cold weather. Only go where it’s not freezing and you are certain of no ice.


Frostbite is the deterioration of tissues caused by extreme cold. This is a common personal injury among travelers who walk through several feet of snow. If they’re not wearing snowshoes, the snow enters their shoes and contributes to frostbite.

Anyone who expects to cross miles of snow has to wear the right snow boots. The best solution is to avoid walking long distances in the freezing cold.

Preventing common injuries this winter

The winter months in New Jersey are brutal on drivers and pedestrians. The ice covers miles of pavement and is difficult to see at any time of day. Be cautious about how you should prevent slipping on ice and prevent accidents that could lead to serious injuries.