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Treating and compensating your catastrophic injury

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Injuries

Anyone who experiences a catastrophic injury realizes the long path to recovery that is ahead. There are different types of catastrophic injuries, caused by life-threatening diseases or workplace accidents, that personal injury lawyers acknowledge when they file their lawsuits. Every victim in New Jersey must understand the types and severity of a catastrophic injury.

Defining the types of catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury is a very serious, debilitating injury or illness that requires long-term treatments. This condition often results in a permanent disability that makes working difficult or impossible to resume. Victims are rarely able to return to their normal lives. Several, common injuries include amputations, blindness, facial disfigurements and spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis.

Certain types of accidents result in life-changing injuries, such as car accidents, physical assaults and natural disasters. Some accidents are birth injuries that cause lifelong health conditions from a very young age. Many accidents are nonpreventable and caused by the reckless actions of another individual or company.

Providing for victims of personal injury

A catastrophic injury is a serious form of personal injury. The consequences often include the need for advanced, long-term care that includes frequent hospitalizations, hundreds of doctors’ visits and years of rehabilitation therapy. Many catastrophic injury victims must file lawsuits to compensate the income that they could’ve earned and to pay for years of medical bills.

Seeking compensatory damages

Recovering from catastrophic injuries takes years of medical treatments and countless hours taken off from work. Victims often end up permanently disabled and lack the ability to earn an income to pay their expenses. They often have no choice but to turn to legal recourse to make a full recovery.