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What are common causes of damaged nerves and nerve pain?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2022 | Injuries

If you’re suffering from nerve damage in New Jersey, there are many reasons why this could be happening. With there being over 100 types of nerve damage, it’s easy to feel confused about the root of your injury. Here’s a closer look at a few common conditions that can cause nerve damage and nerve pain.

Trauma-induced compression

The human body is durable, but it can’t withstand certain impacts. Since there are nerves throughout your body, nerve-related trauma can happen almost anywhere. In many cases, trauma causes the nerves to compress or pinch. You might also hear this condition referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome.


While it doesn’t always happen, many people with diabetes also deal with nerve pain. People with diabetes might also suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which often causes numbness or a burning feeling throughout the body.


It seems like the last people left with permanent damage would be those who take medications. Unfortunately, it’s not common for medications like chemotherapies to agitate various nerves in your body. It’s also possible to deal with nerve pain or nerve damage from abusing medications.

Being nutrient deficient

Throughout school, you likely learned about vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. What you might not know is that depriving your body of certain nutrients can cause nerve pain or damage. One of the most common deficiencies people experience involves a lack of vitamin B12, which can cause pain throughout your nervous system.

In closing, many diseases or factors can damage your nerves. Fortunately, you can keep your nervous system healthy by getting enough sleep at night. It might also be wise to include healthier foods in your diet.