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How to stay safe during fall and winter driving

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2022 | Car Accidents

The approach of fall means changing weather in New Jersey. With those changes come some changes in driving habits. Here are some reminders of what drivers need to look out for during the fall and winter months.

Common fall and winter driving hazards

One of the biggest changes from the summer is that school is back in session. Observe all traffic laws in school zones and watch out for kids. Pay special attention around high schools as inexperienced drivers may suddenly pull out, causing motor vehicle accidents. Inexperience also plays into dealing with bad fall and winter weather. Motorists often forget that they must slow down and take precautions when driving in excessive rain, snow and ice.

When fog and ice appear, you need to slow down even more. Damp roads may not seem as dangerous as big puddles, but any precipitation can make the road slick. Make sure you have tires with sufficient tread to handle any type of precipitation.

Darkness prompts other hazards. Especially after Daylight Savings Time ends, motorists spend more time driving in the dark, making it harder to see dangers on the road, which can cause accidents. Critters like raccoons and deer are also more active in the dark, causing crashes. Glare from headlights can also make it more difficult to see, as well as glare from the low angle of the sun from sunrises and sunsets.

What to do if you are in an accident

After ensuring everyone is okay, take photos of the accident scene to have a visual record. You should also familiarize yourself with New Jersey personal injury laws so you can protect yourself. Get medical attention, cooperate with the police, and ensure you have proper accident reports.

Even if you are not responsible for the accident, insurance companies may try to pin the blame on you, reducing the payment you receive for your damaged vehicle or medical attention. Having a detailed record of any accident you may be in can help your chances of getting compensation for damages.