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Are uninsured drivers really a crash risk?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Every year, motorists in New Jersey typically review their insurance policies when their renewal payments come due and determine whether they need to change their coverage. Many people consistently carry only what the state requires, but others might invest in extra coverage.

Adding more liability protection and supplemental forms of coverage can be smart decisions for modern motorists. Uninsured motorist protection is one of the more common additions to modern policies. Is it a worthwhile investment for drivers in New Jersey?

Uninsured motorists represent a serious financial concern

Fault-based insurance coverage means that the person who causes the crash provides liability coverage to the people affected by a wreck. If the person who runs a red light and causes a crash does not have an active insurance policy, the person whose car they T-boned may end up absorbing the costs generated by the wreck.

Uninsured motorist protection covers what another driver’s policy should after a crash. Technically, at least based on data from 2019, New Jersey has the lowest rate of uninsured motorists in the country. Only about 3.1% of New Jersey drivers are uninsured at any given time, which is far lower than the 29.4% of drivers without insurance in Mississippi. Even with the lowest rate of uninsured motorists in the state, New Jersey still has a noteworthy number of people without insurance on its roads. If one of those drivers is to blame for someone’s crash, the outcome of the wreck could very well be significant financial hardship.

Going to court can also be an option

Not everyone has the luxury of supplementing their insurance coverage before a crash occurs. Some people end up injured and struggling to cover their expenses because the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance and they don’t have uninsured motorist protection.

A civil lawsuit filed against an uninsured driver who did something unsafe or illegal at the wheel could potentially compensate the parties affected by a crash. Seeking legal guidance and learning more about the available options for covering the costs generated by a New Jersey car wreck may help those who are trying to move on after an injurious accident.