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Frontal lobe injuries caused by negligence

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Injuries

People could suffer head injuries after an accident. Frontal lobe head trauma might be highly concerning to victims considering how such injuries might affect a person’s life. An individual could experience a drastic decrease in the quality of their life after suffering such harm, as the injury may lead to permanent disabilities.

Frontal lobe trauma issues

The right frontal lobe is at the front of the human brain, and it handles many non-verbal functions. The right frontal lobe may pick up on social cues, allowing people to interpret and read situations. While some may believe this only assists with social cues, such abilities may prove highly valuable in business situations. Hence, injuries to the frontal lobe could have a drastic effect on earning potential and daily living.

Although someone might be careful and avoid risky activities that present the chance of head trauma, accidents happen. Sometimes, those accidents occur because of an individual’s negligence.

Head trauma and negligence

Car accidents may result in head trauma, leading to a personal injury lawsuit. A drunk driver could rear-end a vehicle, which results in the victim hitting their head on the windshield or dashboard. Sometimes, the seat belts or airbags could malfunction, potentially opening doors to civil litigation against the manufacturer.

Frontal lobe injuries could result from slip-and-fall accidents, bicycle mishaps, excessive contact in sports and violent assaults. The victim could have a civil claim if someone’s negligence contributed to the harm. Sometimes, the victim may file an insurance claim if a policy covers the incident.

Frontal lobe and other brain injuries may require both medical care and rehabilitation. Both costs could be enormous, and a civil settlement might provide sought-after financial relief.