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Accidents from right-hand turns

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2023 | Car Accidents, Injuries

Accidents happen on New Jersey roads, and many involve pedestrians. When a vehicle hits someone crossing the street or traveling on their bicycle, the impact could cause fatalities. Local municipalities may take steps to reduce accidents. Changing the laws might have an effect, but stopping reckless driving is impossible.

A change in the law

Many accidents occur at intersections because numerous drivers commit moving violations. However, there are times when drivers may make a presumed legal term, but factors such as fatigue or distractions make the turn ill-advised and dangerous. That might be the case when a driver turns right on a red light.

If a driver comes to a complete stop at a red light and there are no signs stating that it is illegal to make the turn, a driver may turn right on red if no pedestrians are crossing on the green. Unsafe drivers may make the turn without looking or considering pedestrian safety. A movement to change laws where drivers cannot turn on red might reduce accidents since drivers would realize they cannot make a legal right turn.

Accidents and right-hand turns

Drivers who ignore traffic rules and make reckless or distracted right-hand turns at red lights could face personal injury lawsuits if they hurt someone. One example of reckless behavior is not coming to a complete stop and making a turn without looking. Another would be playing with a touchscreen and not looking when making a turn. Ultimately, any negligent behavior could leave a driver liable for any harm they inflict.

Accident victims may seek compensation for medical bills and other financial obligations. Filing an insurance claim may cover the losses.