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Some common shoulder injuries resulting from car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur in New Jersey when you least expect them. Unfortunately, even a milder accident can leave you reeling with personal injury. These are some common shoulder injuries that can develop after a collision.

Torn rotator cuff

A torn rotator cuff is a common shoulder injury from car accidents. It’s also one of the most painful and can manifest as a partial or even full-thickness tear. Even with a partial tear, you can experience a limited range of motion. These injuries require treatment and sometimes surgery, or they can worsen.

Shoulder sprain or strain

Shoulder sprain or strain often occurs after car accidents when the ligaments are stretched or torn beyond their means. These soft tissue injuries cause pain and limited range of motion based on severity. Treatment may include resting the area, applying cold or hot packs and pain medication.

Dislocated shoulder

You can suffer a dislocated shoulder in a car accident upon impact. This causes the humerus to be dislodged from the socket in your shoulder blade. The only way to recover from this injury is for a doctor to push the shoulder back in place; however, you may need additional treatment to stop it from recurring.

Fractured shoulder

In severe crashes, you can suffer a shoulder fracture. This usually occurs with repeated dislocation, which can also cause what’s known as a frozen shoulder. A doctor can examine you to determine where you have suffered a fracture and provide appropriate treatment. In some cases, as you heal, you might need physical therapy to restore the range of motion in the affected shoulder.

It’s best to take your shoulder pain seriously after a car accident. You might think you’re OK, but seeking medical attention can help prevent a worsening of your injuries.