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Factors that make children’s toys dangerous

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Blog, Injuries

Every year, manufacturers recall children’s toys due to safety concerns. While their purpose is to delight tykes with hours of fun and learning, some still pose serious risks.

As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for checking that the gizmos your little one enjoys do not threaten bodily harm. When toy shopping, verify that what you buy does not embody these elements.

Choking hazards

Toys with small pieces are a significant choking hazard, especially for kids under three. Be particularly cautious with products that could break apart, as tiny components can end up in a curious one’s windpipe.

Toxic materials

Some playthings contain harmful substances that may injure youth or make them sick if they swallow or come into prolonged contact with them. Perilous chemicals, such as phthalates in plastic toys, present significant threats. Sidestep this problem by buying items from reputable brands and stores. Also, check online for any recalls or news articles suggesting trouble.

Sharp edges

Toys with sharp edges or points can lead to cuts or other severe injuries. Look for knifelike sides or tapering features that might puncture the skin. If you find a toy at home that matches this description, throw it away immediately.


High-powered magnets, often found in building and sculpture kits, place those who swallow them in peril. If anyone ingests two or more, they can attract each other through intestinal walls, causing blockages or perforations. Prudence suggests supervising tots when they handle such gadgets.

Through information and vigilance, it remains possible to keep playtime worry-free. A simple decision to replace one trinket with another could prevent a tragedy with permanent consequences.