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Common issues after a tbi

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Brain Injury

No matter how it happened, a brain injury can affect an individual long after the accident has passed. Depending on the severity of the accident, recovery can take months — and, in extreme cases, the rest of a person’s life. The following strategies can help New Jersey residents cope with the many struggles of these injuries, as well as help brain injury patients ultimately begin piecing life back together.

BrainLine highlights the story of one traumatic brain injury survivor who struggled to reclaim his life after a serious bicycling accident. Although the cyclist’s body healed over time, his brain was another story: he no longer had an emotional filter. One strategy to help patients better understand a TBI is to simply talk about the situation, as explained in BrainLine’s article. Some relationships may dissolve while others can make all the difference during recovery. Taking the time to work out small issues (such as memory lapses) can make the bigger ones seem more manageable, as well. BrainLine adds that by communicating openly with loved ones, TBI patients can better express everyday needs. 

Of course, every incident is unique, and can require a great deal of time and understanding. Psychology Today also examines the many hurdles involved in TBI recovery, noting that sudden changes in a person’s behavior are all too common. Although damage can depend entirely on the part of the brain that suffered an impact, Psychology Today explains that many TBI cases result in dementia or personality disorders. Areas that affect one’s speech can also take a critical hit when the brain suffers an injury. Even walking can become a task that a patient must relearn. While it is important to understand one’s individual needs, learning about common issues that can occur in the months following an injury can help families during this sensitive and arduous life chapter.