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Preventing motorcycle accidents, injuries and death

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2018 | Firm News

When it comes to driving or riding on the roads, one thing is certain – collisions waste time and money. They also kill and ruin lives. If you prefer riding a motorcycle to driving a car, you are not alone. Many bikers take to the streets each day, knowing how dangerous it is for them to do so. Those who end up colliding with other vehicles are not always fortunate enough to recover and resume their normal activities. 

Various factors influence motorcycle safety in New Jersey. The two-wheeled vehicles may lack the structures and protections of cars, but the following three tactics can help motorcyclists to avoid accidents and injuries: 

1. Wear a helmet 

Motorcycle operators and passengers must wear helmets, which help keep motorcyclists safe and prevent some life-threatening injuries. It provides critical protection for one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body – the head; specifically, the brain and upper portion of the neck. Due to cosmetics, comfort and other concerns, many bikers and their passengers do not wear helmets. Riders should place more importance on safety instead of appearance. Helmets may not seem comfortable or stylish, but they save lives. The protection also lessens the chances of bikers and their passengers sustaining traumatic brain injuries

2. Obey the law 

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and trucks, making them a challenge for some drivers to see. Many riders find it tempting to zip in and out of traffic and in-between cars and trucks. Reckless riding increases the chances of collision and death. Bikers should follow traffic laws and stay current on all riding methodologies and hazards. 

3. Watch for distracted and drunk drivers 

It is imperative for motorcyclists to monitor other drivers for signs of inattentiveness. Bikers are already at a disadvantage to other motorists because they are not enclosed in a structure that has safety features. When distractions become involved, the risks for motorcyclists skyrockets. Distracted drivers may not see motorcyclists or other dangers or have the time to make the right decisions and maneuvers to prevent collisions. 

Motorcycles can be fun, but they are also dangerous. Proper rider education, adherence to the laws and the use of a helmet can help riders save time and avoid the staggering costs of recovering or dying from motor vehicle injuries.