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Universal Studios sued for not displaying warnings in Spanish

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits filed in Ocean County typically cite the reckless actions of others as the reasons justifying litigation. Yet what about cases where inaction is viewed as negligence. Failing to help someone who is struggling may be an obvious example of inactions, yet many others are much more indirect. Cautionary elements like warnings signs that omit certain information may fall under this category, yet such a scenario prompts questions as to how far a property owner or attraction operator must go in managing the actions of its guests.

A recent lawsuit filed against the Universal Orlando Resort essentially asks this very question. A man visiting from Guatemala collapsed and died after riding one of the park’s attractions. The man did not speak English, and his family is claiming in its lawsuit that park officials should have displayed the ride’s warning signs in both Spanish and English. They cite the fact that since Orlando is such a renowned international travel destination, those running the park should have foreseen that many visitors would not be able to read signs only written in English. Other theme parks often append instructions in foreign languages to warning signs advising guests to speak with park employees if they have questions. This particular ride did have accompanying pictures with its warning signs.

People are always expected to exercise good judgment, yet in scenarios where there is a presumption of safety, they may rely solely on that. If that presumption proves to me untrue and those tasked with ensuring are believed to have failed in that regard, then those who suffer because of it may feel justified in seeking action. Such action may have a greater chance of success if it is supported by the effort of an experienced attorney.