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4 pregnancy injuries you may sustain in a car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2019 | Car Accidents

If you are expecting to welcome a new baby into your home in the next few months, you are likely unbelievably excited. Few things are more thrilling than getting to know a new child. Still, if you have a car crash during pregnancy, both you and your unborn baby may sustain serious injuries. 

In 2018, there were nearly 280,000 car accidents in the Garden State. Unfortunately, some of these accidents involved expectant mothers. If you have even a minor car crash during your pregnancy, you should seek immediate medical attention and take other steps. Here are four pregnancy-related injuries that may occur in a collision with a negligent driver: 

1. Miscarriage 

Heartbreakingly, a miscarriage may occur any time you sustain trauma during pregnancy. Typically, this tends to happen when a car crash causes a puncture to the stomach or uterus. It may also happen if a car accident damages your vascular system. 

2. Premature birth 

To increase the odds of having a healthy baby, you want to carry your child for a full nine months. Sadly, though, the stress of a car accident may cause you to go into labor prematurely. Doing so may cause both you and your baby to develop a variety of injuries. 

3. Infant trauma 

If you are in a high-speed collision, your developing baby may sustain serious injuries. These may include fractured bones, brain damage, paralysis or a variety of other medical problems. 

4. Abruption 

Your unborn child depends on your placenta to receive vital nutrients and oxygen. During a collision, you may experience a placental abruption. That is, if you have abdominal trauma, your placenta may detach, which puts your baby at extreme risk. 

With some luck and a bit of defensive driving, you may never have a car crash during your pregnancy. If you do, you must be mindful of potential injuries to both you and your baby.