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Common causes of construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

New Jersey construction workers are employed in one of the most dangerous industries. With so much use of heavy machinery and dealing with unstable conditions, it’s no wonder that construction workers may find themselves temporarily or permanently disabled. Many workers who become disabled fall victim to one of the following causes.


Falls are the most common workers’ compensation claims for those in the construction industry. They happen to be the deadliest cause of construction workplace accidents as well. Construction employees may be working from a wide range of distances, ranging from a couple of feet up in the air to a few thousand feet high. A fall from any height can be dangerous..

Falling objects

Anyone who has spent a little time around a construction site knows that objects are commonly moved by heavy machinery. When this happens, the objects are lifted high up in the air. Sometimes accidents can occur, like a strap breaking. This can cause the object to land on the construction worker unintentionally.

Being hit or run over

Construction sites are visited by many different types of vehicles, ranging from simple pickup trucks to large dump trucks and cranes. While these vehicles are being operated at the site, they can unintentionally collide with workers. Sometimes crashes may be slight, while other times they can end up with an employee being forcefully run over by the vehicle.

Construction sites are definitely not the safest place for someone to be. With the constant movement of heavy objects through the air and endless amounts of machinery in and out of the site, it’s not uncommon for workers to be injured on the job. If you’re a construction worker who has suffered a workplace injury, it’s time to contact an attorney to discuss how to file for your workers’ compensation benefits.