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Incremental increases in speed raise injury risk in car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Car Accidents

When it comes to personal injury associated with automobile accidents, research funded by the AAA demonstrates that even small increases in speed can have truly significant effects on crash and collision outcomes. The research was undertaken in light of pervasive proposals across the country, including in New Jersey, to increase speed limits.

Vehicle speed, crashes and intrusion into driver’s space

One aspect of the study about automobile accidents, speed and personal injury centered on impact and intrusion into a driver’s space in a vehicle. The theory is that intrusion into a driver’s space also illustrates what happens elsewhere in a vehicle as well.

The study found that at a 40 mph impact speed, there tended to be a minimal intrusion into a driver’s space in a motor vehicle. When the rate of speed was increased to 50 mph, noticeable deformation of the driver’s side of the vehicle tended to occur. At 56 mph, the interior of a motor vehicle was significantly compromised as the result of an accident. This included not only the driver’s space in a vehicle but also other locations in a passenger compartment.

Higher speeds cancel out safety improvements

In recent years, motor vehicles have enjoyed significant safety improvements and enhancements. One of the important findings of this crash study is the impact even an incremental increase in speed has on these safety improvements. The study concluded that higher speeds as referenced a moment ago cancel out safety improvements and enhancements.

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