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How critical is ladder safety in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Worksites in New Jersey might be an active place that involves employees using many tools. Among the familiar sights could be people going up and down ladders. Unfortunately, the image of someone falling off a ladder isn’t as rare as preferred. Ladder accidents and mishaps occur, and they may lead to serious injuries. Hopefully, raising awareness about ladder mishaps might cut down on them.

Pointing out dangers with ladders

A joint venture between the Center for Construction Research and Training and government agencies promotes an entire month-long national awareness campaign for ladder safety. The campaign takes place every March, and 2021 marks its fifth year.

Compelling reasons exist to promote a month of ladder safety. The CDC reveals that 43% of fatal falls over the past ten years involved a ladder. Even falling from a seemingly low height could cause death or a severe injury. Head trauma, for example, does not require “great heights” to inflict tremendous harm.

Concerns for workers using ladders

Using a damaged ladder or one that is the wrong size could lead to an accident. Other errors may result in an injury. A month of ladder awareness might not be enough to point out common reasons why accidents happen. Employers could find value in promoting a safer work environment, and making providing employees with decent ladders and appropriate training may help the process.

A fall from a ladder could leave someone out of work for many weeks or longer. Workers’ compensation might address some financial obligations while the employee recovers.

An attorney could assist a client with a workers’ compensation claim. The attorney might also address challenges or obstacles if they arise.