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Types of work hazards at a construction site

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Working at a construction site can be exceedingly risky due to all the hazards that are present. If you are a construction site worker, you need to be vigilant to avoid any hazard that could put your life in danger. Here are some common hazards that are frequently found at construction sites in New Jersey.


For a construction site worker, falling into a hole while on the job can cause serious damage. The best thing an employer can do about holes is to ensure that areas that have holes are blocked off to anyone who isn’t working on them, thus preventing workers from accidentally falling into one. If your employer isn’t acknowledging hazards like this and protecting workers from these hazards, the employer may end up paying workers’ comp settlements to workers who have gotten injured while on the job.

Falling from heights

When working at a construction site, especially for a large building, you will likely need to do a lot of work at elevated heights. Since you are working high above the ground, one misstep means you could end up plummeting to your demise.

Falling objects

Another hazard to watch out for is falling objects. Similar to falling from heights, when construction workers are working on tall buildings, certain objects and debris can end up falling from high places. Getting struck by these objects can cause serious injury, including brain trauma or internal bleeding that could be fatal.

Electrical hazards

At construction sites, there is a chance that workers may make contact with exposed electrical wires and other electrical components that could injure them. Workers should check their electrical equipment before using it to ensure that it isn’t damaged, and they should also be mindful of their surroundings in case there are exposed electrical wires or power cables around them.

While construction work has gotten much safer as technology continues to improve, there are still many risks involved in this type of occupation. For this reason, it is essential that employers and employees be informed of these hazards and try their best to minimize the risks as much as they can.