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Three types of injuries that can happen at green energy worksites

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Throughout New Jersey, many people are taking steps to implement renewable energy in their homes and businesses. Considering that, the renewable energy industry continues growing and employing more workers. If you work in the renewable energy field, it’s a good idea to watch out for some of this industry’s most common safety hazards.

Slips and falls

There are several types of renewable energy, but wind power is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the renewable energy industry. This sector has workers hundreds of feet in the air working on wind turbines. If they’re not being extremely careful, these workers can slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents can also take place on slippery factory floors.

Misuse of machinery

Whether it’s a pump or turbine, the renewable energy industry requires working with specialized machinery. Before a worker can install or maintain certain types of machinery, they need to acquire a lot of training. Unfortunately, some renewable energy workers can unintentionally misuse these machines. It’s also possible for these machines to be defective, which could lead workers to get injured and file workers’ compensation claims.

Working in confined spaces

It’s also common for people in the renewable energy industry to work in confined spaces. While this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can be hazardous when various gases and chemicals get tossed into the mix. Without following proper safety procedures, the combination of confined spaces and dangerous fumes can lead to deadly results.

There are several prominent dangers associated with working in the renewable energy industry. If you were injured while at work and your employer isn’t taking your claim seriously, it could be wise to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer.