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What dangers do manufacturing workers face?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

The manufacturing industry brings an incredible number of products to the market. Manufacturing workers in New Jersey may have a hand in things people don’t think about, such as ship parts, household chemicals, and more. And many don’t realize the dangers these workers face. Even when possessing knowledge about hazards and risks, manufacturing workers suffer injuries and deal with the resulting financial fallout.

Common injury risks manufacturing workers face

Injuries come in many forms, with some being immediate and unexpected while others may derive from cumulative troubles. A slip-and-fall accident might come out of the proverbial blue, and many factors contribute to falls. Regardless of how or why someone falls, the injury might leave the person out of work for some time.

A fall may result in a back injury, and so might heavy lifting. Picking up a heavy object could result in an acute injury, or years of heavy lifting may catch up with someone eventually. Overexertion has its dangers, and a manufacturing worker could find avoiding it to be challenging.

Objects present many risks

Contact with an object ranks among the most common reasons why someone suffers an injury. “Contact” may involve getting cut by a power tool, burning one’s hand on a hot pipe, or suffering a shock after stepping on an electrical wire. Avoiding contact with dangers may be difficult when working in a hazardous environment.

Physical pain and treating an injury might not be the top things a hurt worker worries about the most. Injuries could lead to financial strain, and, thankfully, New Jersey has a no-fault workers’ compensation rule in effect. In some situations where an accident was caused by a non-employer third party such as a manufacturer of a defective part, a victim could also file a separate personal injury lawsuit while seeking workers’ compensation benefits as well.