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How brain injuries could affect your vision

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Brain Injury

When you sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from any hit or jolt to the head, it may affect your vision. The eyeball or retina does not have to be injured for this to occur. Continue reading to learn more about how a TBI may affect someone’s vision in New Jersey.

Eye-brain connection

The optic nerve directly connects your eyes to your brain. Your eyes take in visual information, sending it to the brain, where the brain processes it. When there is an injury to the brain, it may process information differently, even if your eyes are healthy.

When what you think you see isn’t what the visual information actually is, it’s distressing. You might begin to lose trust in yourself and feel fear over your vision problems. This emotional suffering may increase your compensation in a New Jersey personal injury lawsuit.

Much of the brain handles vision

Approximately 40%–50% of the brain plays a role in processing vision. Thus, it’s not unlikely that a brain injury causes problems with your sight. Around 20%–40% of people who have a TBI experience visual disruptions. Impaired vision could cause you to do something that is life-threatening.

Brain injuries are not always obvious. You might see 20/20 on an eye exam yet have a visual problem. Your TBI could cause all sorts of bizarre issues with your sight.

If someone’s negligence or assault is the reason behind your brain injury, you could sue for personal injury in New Jersey. The extent of your injuries and pain and suffering influence how much compensation you could receive.