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The most frequent injuries at construction sites

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Blog, Workers' Compensation

Construction projects are frequent sights throughout New Jersey that indicate growth and prosperity for the state. People marvel at how quickly the process can move from a foundation to a finished building. Unfortunately, construction sites have dangers that can lead to serious injuries.

Gravity-related injuries

Many workers’ compensation claims in the construction industry stem from falls. Multi-story projects involve employees working far above the ground. A fall from this height can have deadly consequences and can also lead to back injuries, broken bones, and other internal damage.

Falling objects are another concern at worksites. While hard hats are a mandatory precaution, falling tools, parts and building materials can still cause significant injuries to someone below.

Equipment-related injuries

Construction zones have several types of heavy equipment that can injure workers. Some of these, like vehicular accidents, fall into the same category as other personal injury cases. However, the powerful vehicles used at a building site can lead to more traumatic injuries.

Other accidents happen when tools are improperly stored or operated. Hot equipment or electricity from malfunctioning tools can burn unsuspecting employees. Puncture wounds from nails and other materials are also frequent issues at worksites.

Long-term injuries

Some injuries in the construction industry are not immediately apparent. Working around hazardous chemicals or dealing with asbestos removal may cause respiratory issues that develop years later.

When working with heavy equipment, repetitive stress injuries may develop over time. The vibrations of a jackhammer cause soft tissue damage that gets worse without appropriate breaks for operators. What starts as a minor ache can turn into a permanent condition.

Safety should always be the priority at construction sites. Companies can prevent many common injuries by developing preventative protocols, providing proper safety gear and allowing for adequate breaks during the workday.