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Let workers’ comp work for you if a loved one dies

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Nothing prepares you for the pain of losing a loved one. In the face of grief, financial burdens can add immense stress. If the death occurred at work, you have the right to recover death benefits that can help after the loss.

Workers’ compensation, a no-fault insurance system, extends benefits to dependents of covered employees who die from a work accident or occupational disease. You typically have two years to file a formal petition.

Not everyone is eligible

While no amount of money can bring your loved one back to you, workers’ compensation can help alleviate some financial stress. However, only the following individuals are eligible for its death benefits:

  • Surviving spouse: A legally married spouse at the time of the employee’s death.
  • Minor children: Dependent children below 18 years old, or up to age 23 if enrolled full-time in an accredited educational program.
  • Dependent children with disabilities: Children with disabilities may qualify for extended benefits as long as they were financially dependent on the deceased.
  • Other dependents: In some cases, parents or other relatives who relied on the deceased employee’s income may be eligible.

If qualified, you can collect payments for funeral expenses of up to $3,500 and medical treatment costs before death. You can also receive as much as 70 percent of your loved one’s average weekly wage. If the spouse remarries, the benefits will likely end.

Financial support after the loss

The loss of a loved one in a workplace accident is a tragedy. In times like this, remember that you are not alone. Do not hesitate to look for an experienced lawyer who will fight and make sure you get the full benefits you deserve.